Monday, April 26, 2010

The look book...

As I said on my previous post, I've been working hard to get my new collection up and running in time for the Fashion Forward Festival in Sydney.

The collection is called "Porcelain Lady"

It explores themes of whimsical fabric, sheer see-through panels and a cream colour palette.

I'm shooting the look book on Saturday and I have enlisted a fabulous makeup artist (my sister-in-law) to create a dramatic "harajuki" look.

Here is my inspiration that I sent her

Porcelain flawless skin, dramatic eyelashes mixed with pink lips will compliment the clothing perfectly.

Cant wait to show you the picture!

much love xx


  1. Stephanie, I have been catching up on the last few months of your posts today... it's so great to see your processes in creating a look... and the final result of course! Can't wait to see your collection launched, very exciting!! tess

  2. Thanks Tess! Things are coming along semi smoothly! Always a rush at the end! Thanks for checking my blog! xx